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Phishing for your money

Date: August 15, 2005
Source: ThisIsMoney
By: Bill Goodland

Bill Goodland, director of internet at cable giant NTL, acknowledges these worries and points out: 'We have been investing heavily to protect our customers.'

One of the major concerns is 'phishing' - e-mails that look like legitimate messages from banks or financial companies. By clicking on an internet link in the message, victims are directed to a website that appears to be a well-known bank or financial institution, where they are asked to type in credit card details. In reality, it is a trap set up by criminals who will use the information to loot the account.

Unwanted messages are another problem. Goodland says: 'Some estimates say that 70 per cent of e-mail traffic is bulk mail, or spam as it is called. We aim to delete 90 per cent of spam.'

Other major fears include hackers and viruses, which can take over a computer or damage data. NTL's Netguard service scans for viruses and also blocks 'pop-ups' - internet pages that spring open unbidden while using the net.

Goodland and other industry experts also advise internet users to make sure they have the most up-to-date protection software. Microsoft customers can get free updates. With broadband, computers can be set up to check automatically at night for updates.

Microsoft says: 'We tell home users there are three simple steps: get a firewall that blocks hackers - one is included in the Windows XP operating system - update regularly, and get antivirus software.'

Microsoft does not make antivirus software, but most PC stores sell packages and many ISPs also provide protection. Wanadoo, for instance, provides anti-virus protection made by the software group McAfee, one of the largest computer security groups.

For small businesses, most ISPs will take things a step further. BT, for example, provides full technical support.
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