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Discussion : Man charged with cyber crime

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2010-09-12 01:50:33 -
That sick fu&k. Tell ya this much I ever get my hands on this guy and I promise you he's done for... Sick bastards like him gotta be locked up or worse. I have a little girl, when she hits 14 I don't want to have to worry about people like him trying to abduct her on something like facebook. All I can say is any supporters of actions like that... Watch yer back.

2009-09-19 19:30:23 -
The name is right. Stephen Mark Bordage. He is 21 years old. For the first person who commented this is not young love. Stephen is a pedophile and a sick twisted boy. I for one know seeing as im his ex fiance. He beat me multiple times when I was 16 years old. He is incapable of having a good relationship. Only 3 months after beating on me and threatening my family friends and myself he lies to a younger girl about his age and trys to get her here. Thank god he was caught. She could have been raped and beaten by him and his sick room mate (who he calls his father who is also a child predator who has been charged for being a pedophile)
Dont talk about things until you know the truth, reading an artical doesnt mean you know anything about whats going on or anything about the people involved.
As for his other victim I am truly sorry that you had to experience Stephens lies and manipulation. Stephen acts like hes gonna be your knight in shining armour, until you say no, or dont come to his beck and call. Then hes your worst nightmare.

2009-06-02 07:58:50 - Toria
Hell yeah they got the name right. Do you know how wrong it is that a 20 year old is with younger girls? And god knows what he did to them considering Im one of the victims. Its not an abusive relationship, but its a relationship which involves rape. He lied to everybody and thought he would get away with it, which is totally wrong. He deserves everything that is coming his way. And you think 14 and 20 are numbers that are relatively close?

2009-02-20 08:40:46 -
Are you sure you got the name right? SM Bondage?

But seriously, he's a max of only five years older than her. Why shouldn't he form a relationship with her unless it is clearly an abusive one. Is the Canadian statute able to distinguish young love from an abusive relationship when their ages are relatively close?

Total 4 comments
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