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Discussion : Child porn pervert jailed

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2008-01-23 17:24:30 -
the pervert must of watched the shoe that was previed on TV few years ago, on thailand ,, how many armericans go ther for sex with girls and boys as young as six years of age,,the show, that was on TV show the complete consept,, how armerican paid thrity U.S dollares for sex with children of all ages, and there was concent from the parents,, for they were so poor.. gose on all the time,, and dont even no why they even showed this show,,,,and show how many armican men do got there or just this reason, to have sex with children, bet gave lot people idears,this nothing new , maybe you shuld no , how many men do go there , to thailand , surely not busniness,, for pleasure, this nothing new, say more just to sick

Total 1 comments
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