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Discussion : Action needed on cyber security

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2004-12-14 00:37:13 -
I do not see my first comment printed here, so here it goes. When the government stops spending billions of dollars in Iraq for a godforsaken war, then maybe they will do something. Face it, the government is BROKE. Start spending money on the biggest crime of the century...Cybercrime, White Collar Crime, Identity Theft, Corruption and start giving state governments money to educate their workers to detect cybercrime and also the equipment to do so.

2004-12-11 19:23:57 -
You can't stop a war you can't win. So why send money on it and should help the poor people and the hungry. Get a life and stop putting the people the writting virus and break-in sites, they are just point out the somebody with college degree or master mean shit. my work in post on

Total 2 comments
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