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Action needed on cyber security

Date: December 11, 2004

THE US government is falling short in cyber security efforts and should take immediate steps to protect the country's technological resources, an industry group has said.

The Cyber Security Industry Alliance, a group created by top internet security firms, said a high-level position of assistant secretary should be created in the Department of Homeland Security as part of these efforts.

The recommendation came amid concerns over the cost of viruses, spam and spyware, and fears of a so-called "digital Pearl Harbour" that could cripple networks linked to critical infrastructure like electrical grids and power stations.

"The US economy is faced with losses of billions of dollars due to increased cyber attacks," the alliance said in a statement.

"To help stop this haemorrhaging, protect the critical infrastructure and enable the next round of innovation on the internet, the administration must assert greater leadership in addressing cyber security."
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