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Discussion : Child Porn Arrest,

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2008-10-05 02:50:52 -
Turns out the man had over 1,000 pornographic images on his computer, only 7 images were of children under the age of 18. Obviously, He wasnt exactly a pedophile or a collector of child porn. Was also found that the chat online he had with suppossed "children" were in role play environments, where he did NOT really believe it was a child, rather an adult pretending to be one, and in every case, it actually was an adult. Also turns out that the entire chat conversation he had was a total joke, and fabricated a story about him being being some crazy cult leader which he made up for his own entertainment.
He even said he had a daughter which turns out he never even had a daughter. Its actually pretty funny how such resources were wasted on nothing more than a hoax or sick joke.

I admit, the guy has a warped sense of humour, and got alot of people pissed off by making them waste valuable law enforcement resources for nothing. He could have fought it and won the case, but with society the way it is, not thinking even joking around about child porn is funny, they would have been fairly harsh on him, so he plea bargained and received probation.

2008-08-14 17:18:31 - anon
Google & Yahoo do a lot of business with Mafia pornographers, who use captive women for industrial internet porn production. Also there is a huge amount of 'free' software belonging to Mafia which comes at the price of spyware.
You may remember the court case involving Google promoting child pornography with their search engine.

Do yourselves & captive women a favour & stick with Microsoft.

2008-07-15 09:26:06 - keith jones
Yahoo is a bad place for parents to let their children be. It is largely Mafia owned.

Total 3 comments
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