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Cyber crime: Police not taking it seriously

Date: April 08, 2008
By: Andy McCue

Cyber crimes such as hacking, denial of service attacks and online fraud are not taken seriously enough by the police.

In a poll of more than 100 readers, 83 per cent said police should place a higher priority on e-crime than they do now, compared to other crimes.

Just six per cent said cyber crime should be a lower priority for police and 11 per cent of readers said the police have the balance "about right". is currently running its e-Crime Crackdown campaign for a dedicated high-tech national police crime unit to deal with the growing threat of computer crime and last week the Conservative party launched a stinging attack on the government's failure to pay £1.3m to fund a national e-crime policing unit.

Shadow home secretary David Davis said a crime is committed online in the UK "every ten seconds" - costing UK businesses £10bn a year.

Businesses are also complaining that local police forces do not have the resources or expertise to deal with growing cyber crime and online fraud threats they now face.

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