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Discussion : OEM software scams on the rise

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2004-10-12 09:32:39 -
What we have here are not scam artists but full fledged racketeers. These people have set up shop in a permanent way. They actually are selling software that THEY intend to support, provide upgrades, and updates for. They are using "manufacturer's" property and just cutting them out of the loop. My opinion is they deserve to have interpol pay them a visit.

2004-10-12 07:57:29 -
Purchased OEM XP Professioal $50, think maybe scam!

2004-10-10 10:53:38 -
I purchased the software before learning about this site. CD ROMS were sent approx 3 weeks and is fully functional. HUGE SAVINGS!

2004-10-10 05:30:46 - Neil
Don't know if it will be of any help to anyone but I found this page;

Which shows a contact email address

[email protected]

On this site they even show a REFUND POLICY

"45 Day Money-back Guarnatee

We guarantee that the products shipped are of highest quality, and they do work. That's why we will refund your money if you are not satisfied with our product's quality.

If you are not satisfied, you may contact us WITHIN 45 days of your last order explaining your situation, and your money will be refunded back to your credit card, or by check.

Delivery Issues

In very rare cases, shipments get lost, or stolen. If you have not received the package 45 days after your order, please contact us and we will refund your money.


All the best,


2004-10-07 03:15:48 - CrownComputer
I posted on 9/27. That I fell for the scam... but to my amazement, I did get the CD and the Serial# and I happily upgraded to XP Pro... scam or not, it looks like a hit or miss. but I am happy I took a gamble... I know some of you have lost more on a slot machine, so I happy I got a XP for $50.

2004-10-06 18:40:31 - sunshine
I was almost purchsed the MS XP & Office Cds from OEMCD and when I read this, I backed off. Thank you so much for whoever set up this site!!!

2004-10-04 18:14:07 -
Je paie depuis plus de 12 mois pour un site que je n'ai jamais pu voir le mot de passe m'étant refusé à chaquee fois

2004-10-04 17:44:44 -
I purchished Ofice XP ONLINE. It took time I ordered the software appx. 6 weeks and then it would not work. I belivee that the sent a blank CD. I emailed them back and it keeps comming back.

Dear Jerry Kinney,

We thank you for your order of Office XP Professional, order
ID being EG1367073648.
We are glad to inform you that the product was
successfully dispatched to your address on 09/13/2004.
Please, make sure that we have got the authentic information
of your shipping address:
Full Name: Jerry Kinney
Address: 409 River Crossing Tr.
ZIP: 78664
Country: US
City: Round Rock
State: Texas

Be aware that usually it takes from 10 up to 14
days for the package to arrive. Please be patient while
waiting for the delivery. If you don't receive the order
within 4 weeks since placing the order, contact us, and
we shall resend you the order or refund your payment at
your option.

If you require any further information, please do not
hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Yours faithfully,

2004-10-04 09:55:34 -
Ordered to mailto:[email protected] and paid in advance by VISA for the Office 97 SR2, in August 2004. Until now I did not received the software or the refund.

2004-10-02 20:19:21 -
bought dreamweaver mx. eventually came but no serial # to activate the product so it is basically useless.
Dear brian mccray,

Thank you for ordering with OEMCDroms.
We appreciate your choice!

ORDER DATE/TIME: Fri Sep 3 09:56:23 2004
YOUR ORDER ID: FL1340997716

YOUR ORDER ITEM: Dreamwaver MX 2004


Your payment has been received successfully.

The charge will appear as - CHECK AND BILL 8307589 - on your credit card
Please be aware that the delivery takes 10-20 days.

7620 s. valley view blvd.
las vegas

If you have any further questions regarding your order or our shipping
policies, please contact:
[email protected]

OEM Software Team

2004-10-01 01:30:25 - Robert
They took the old I got vcr's in the back of my trunk that I need to get rid off, trick. Replaced vcr's with software and moved to the internet.

2004-09-30 19:04:49 -
Could it be that these fine folks who had no problem with oemcd, Inc, may in fact be oemcd, Inc?

2004-09-29 15:45:46 -
I bought Win XP + Office XP for $80 from OEMCD Inc.

Got it in 6 days. All working perfectly. Did virus checks by Norton and AVP, everything is clean. Was worried a bit at first too, when emailed them, they replied within 12 hours.


2004-09-29 05:55:59 -
Ordered Windows XP Pro Office 2002 from:

mailto:[email protected]

Paid in advance. No software no refund.

2004-09-28 23:33:58 -
Good God. I've always wondered who the idiots were that actually order shit via spam.
Now I know.
Everyone of you morons that went to the sites and used your credit cards _deserved_ to be ripped off!
How could you be so stupid as to order from a spammer?
Common sense would tell you that it's pirated software, but you're lacking in that, so I suppose you wouldn't know that.

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