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Discussion : 10 000 child porn photos = 50 years of jail

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2004-09-21 17:11:52 - zregser
that guy should be killed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2004-09-14 18:43:16 -
Childporn is done by everyone these days, not that its good but while im writting this i bet theres more then 5 people in this world that are doing the same thing he did. You should give him some time in prison but not 50 years, about 4-5 years so he can really think of what he did and have fun with his husbands in prison and after 4-5 years of prison im sure he will be tired of eating some crap food and uncomfortable bed and the rest. Afterwards when he is out of prison you can put some police on him to check him out and make sure hes not doing it again, also make sure hes not close to a children. He should be checked and given a time to back in his house. If he does it again give him double time in prison ( 9-10 years ) or anything you want.

2004-08-15 08:06:24 - 20 something
wtf~~??yea..should be given hard panishment~no dots~~

2004-08-13 13:48:35 - no one
well , he did a bad thing yes , but 50 years is to much!! he did not kill anyone! I think 4 years will be enough .

2004-08-11 11:13:16 -
The stepfather should be given capital punishment

2004-08-11 10:54:03 -
he should be awarded death penalty by electrocution.

2004-07-13 12:35:05 -
Its rank shit ill give you that... fuck man... what could possibly be going through his mind when he starts downloadin the child porn? how the fuck would he like it if pictures of him when he was a child were put on the internet, edited and showing him in comprimising positions? this guy onlu deserves one thing and one thing only: His cock removed from his body and teh hand he used to wank with over the child porn.

2004-07-01 11:08:00 -

2004-06-21 22:40:23 -
Jessica your a fucking nasty bitch.

2004-05-19 02:18:44 -
i think leave him .coz i wil learn easy

2004-05-14 03:32:16 -
child porn pictures

2004-05-06 04:22:38 -
i think child porn is reall y hot

2004-04-29 13:35:47 -
I agree with Tim.

2004-04-20 13:28:57 -
It will be better to place him in Ukrainian prison. He will not live long there...

2004-04-20 13:25:17 -
Death is the only purnishment for the wanker.

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Total 25 comments
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