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10 000 child porn photos = 50 years of jail

Date: March 01, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saitarly

Norman McDonald a 49 year old from Pennsylvania, USA pleaded guilty to having sex with his 3-year old Ukrainian stepdaughter It began after his Fiancee moved to the USA with her 3 year old daughter. The mother complained to Police after occasionally finding her Daughter in bed with the Stepfather. Video footage of sexual activity will be the main evidence in the case.

Norman McDonald of West Goshen pleaded guilty to 2 counts of violence, 8 counts of involuntary sexual intercourse, 25 counts of sexual abuse and 2 counts of cruelty to children.

During the investigation Police found more than 10,000 images of child pornography and more than one hundred samples of video footage depicting him having sex with his stepdaughter. The man if convicted could face up to 50 years imprisonment.

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Prosecutors are applying for the maximum sentence for Paedophile conviction. McDonald was arrested in June 2003 after his wife complained to police about her suspicions.

Investigations show that McDonald married his 30 year old wife, a former resident of Ukraine, 2 years ago.

Sentence has being postponed until a later date.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the suspect began to make home video footage of the sexual activity soon after his Fiancee arrived in the USA with her 3 year old daughter.

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2004-09-21 17:11:52 - that guy should be killed!!!!!!!!!!!!! zregser
2004-09-14 18:43:16 - Childporn is done by everyone these days,... Shawn grol
2004-08-15 08:06:24 - wtf~~??yea..should be given hard... 20 something
2004-08-13 13:48:35 - well , he did a bad thing yes , but 50... no one
2004-08-11 11:13:16 - The stepfather should be given capital... jaya
2004-08-11 10:54:03 - he should be awarded death penalty by... anirban gupta
2004-07-13 12:35:05 - Its rank shit ill give you that... fuck... Zander
2004-07-01 11:08:00 - wgsfcf wer
2004-06-21 22:40:23 - Jessica your a fucking nasty bitch. Sophia
2004-05-19 02:18:44 - i think leave him .coz i wil learn easy arshad
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