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JonBenet Ramsey - Exclusive Interview With Stephen Singular

Date: July 12, 2004
Source: Crime Library
By: Patrick Bellamy

... woman. And on why the Ramseys won't touch her information, which appears to exonerate them. I'd focus on the adults around JonBenet who were behaving inappropriately before she died and I would apply some pressure to them. No known person, in my view, killed JonBenet. But known people do have information about who murdered her. You'll never get that information until you start asking the right questions and backing them up with some weight. This has never, to my knowledge, happened in Boulder. The cops there have spent all their time trying to muscle Patsy Ramsey and this has led nowhere. The best polygraphists in the country have now concluded she didn't kill her daughter or write the ransom note. So let's try something new. When the rats think the ship is starting to leak, they'll start jumping and squeaking.

Stephen Singular is a highly regarded journalist and freelance writer. Apart from his book Presumed Guilty -- An Investigation into the JonBenet Ramsey Case, The Media and the Culture of Pornography, he is the author of ten other non-fiction books including the New York Times best-selling A Killing in the Family, which eventually became the NBC-TV mini-series Love Lies and Murder. His first book Talked to Death: The Life &Murder of Alan Berg - which dealt with the assassination of Denver radio talk show host Alan Berg by neo-Nazis - was the basis for Oliver Stone's 1989 film, Talk Radio. His latest book, due for release at the end of 2000, is called -- The Uncivil War: The Rise of Hate, Violence, and Terrorism in America.

Bellamy is a former Scientific Investigator with a prominent Australian Police Department. Trained as a Crime Scene Analyst, his case experience includes the investigation of serious crime including multiple murder, rape, arson, bombings, aircraft crashes and acts of terrorism.

After leaving the department, he became a private investigator specialising in insurance fraud and motor vehicle accident investigation. He has worked in a variety of fields including financial futures trader and computer store proprietor. He has been writing true crime articles since 1998 and currently lives in Queensland.
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