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Discussion : JonBenet Ramsey - Exclusive Interview With Stephen Singular

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2006-08-17 08:24:55 -
I knew this guy was right. This is so eerie to read now that he's been arrested. Good on ya.

2006-07-05 11:42:27 - David Lemoyre
The evidence was tainted from the beginning. It wasn't a poorly staged crime scene, it was a poorly investigated murder case. The police didn't do a thing to protect the crime scene.

No theory that supports the Ramseys killing their daughter even remotely makes sense.

You can throw around your latin legal terms all you want. It doesn't mean that you know anything about anything. I think Stephen Singular has done a much more thorough investigation into this case than you have.

2004-09-21 12:44:53 -
Delmar England... as I live and breathe! Are you STILL peddling your fictional "expertise" and weaving your nonsensical theories? An aggressive house fly is less annoying than your baseless, meaningless, observations, and twice as useful.

Singular makes some great points about the BPD "tunnel vision" while artfully resisting the temptation to label them the incompetent, egotistical semi-morons that they are. That, in itself, is quite an accomplishment.

But Mr. Singular simply "missed the boat" with this "child porn" angle, chasing it's obscene tail and going absolutely nowhere. Surprisingly, he fails to realize the pictures he is viewing on his PC were created primarily between 1982 and 1988, and are simply in constant "recycle mode" for the very, very sick among us. Singular seems oblivious to the possible cause of the Ramsey's disinterest in the California woman... like possibly she's a nutcase! And someone needs to let him into the loop regarding the lack of ransom note polygraph questions asked of John Ramsey. John was completely eliminated as the note writer, nearly from day one, since his left handedness made him a conclusive "non-match" by the findings of every expert who was assigned to review handwriting samples. Why ask John Ramsey polygraph questions about something he has never been suspected of doing?

2004-07-23 19:45:24 -
Why doesn't anyone ever speak to the way the Ransom Note was signed. I believe the clue to who killed her lies within the acronym: SBTC.

2004-07-20 08:17:52 -
the case will not be solved as this reported says untill the boulder police decide to widen the search....someone was in that house and someone murdered jonbenet..who was it? the looks of it we will never know...

2004-07-15 06:23:36 -
It was a sick puppy that did this to Jonbenet. He went into the house while the Ramseys were out and sat in a closet with a fake vagina and a velvet sex glove and masterbated while he waited for them to come home!

2004-07-13 23:47:49 -
Singular doesn't have a clue to what happened. It's pure BS. If you want to know what the evidence says, please let me know. The "garrote scene" is an ad hoc amateurish construct flawed in every directions. In short, a poorly staged crime scene. Easily proven. Try me. How does one make an intruder or child pornography deal out of this?

Total 7 comments
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