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Discussion : Online dating fraud

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2010-06-15 16:07:14 - Smiler
I have a work colleague who is involved in an online scam. We can see it but he thinks she's genuine. He's had his house repossesed, he got kicked out of his bedsit for not paying the rent and has on numerous occassions stolen money from work to send to 'her'. How can I help him ?????

2010-02-08 09:01:38 -
Rosemary Asomani
day of birth: 11/05/1976
She lives in Accra, Ghana illegally but she was born in Cairo, Egypt
Her address:No. 5 street East Legon
Ghana- West Africa
her three emails:
She has her accomplice: Mr. Emmanuel Asomani. He is the guy who receives the money she collects from Western Union and MoneyGram.
Please, let me know if she is in your system and if you need someone from Australia who confirm this statement, let me know,
I will notify the Ghana police about all this and I will file a complain with the FBI also,

2009-12-28 00:42:25 -
most of the dating fraud practice in this west african country's is done by this nigerian's who migrate to that country and start doing that..The fraud which is done in country's like GHANA,IVORY COAST,SENEGAL,CAMEROON ETC is done by NIGERIANS..i followed up with mine and went to ivory coast and found out my self..the guy who scammed me was a nigerian

2009-11-21 02:18:13 -
i had similar experiences with meli. widowed guy, wife died of cancer ir accident, live in london, has son,stuck in malaysia thingy. fortunately, i stopped immediately when the money issue came about. nowadays, u could tell by the e-mails they write. just wana say though, these people are getting smarter.

2009-09-07 23:01:16 -
i was writing this woman california she in cailfornia prison in chowchilla i found on prison pen pal site a couple year ago i send her money when she is release in prison she comeining ohio to leave with me then her sister called me she never showed up. LaShawn Collins # # X-19809. VSPW B1-23-1 Up. P O Box 92 . that was her adress in prison. she was biggest scammmer. we wroye letters to each other. she is typical black preson a scammer and don't how stay out of legal trobule

2009-05-18 00:41:09 -
I was talking with BRAVO4 alias PETER SIMPSON / MARK SIMPSON
born in South Africa but has lived in London past 20 years, widowed wife dies of cancer, has a 5 year old son named John. He claimed his age was 42. After 6 weeks of communication and phone calls he asked me to lend him money as he was stuck in Malaysia, FOOLISHLY i did this and he dissapeared with out trace.

2009-04-28 01:12:11 -
I have been chatting online to a "woman" from Ghana. She has sent me these photos and she is absolutely gorgeous. Full on talking about love and meeting me already after less than a week. She sounds genuine (of course, don't they all) but I'm very suspicious.

Any thoughts on how I might be able to find out if she is legit or not?

2009-01-06 17:01:11 -
I have done some research of mine, and it is hard unless u go to the country in question.
So are any one of you have a love from africa?
and let us share a picture of our love and see if they are the same person, believe me I am ready to go to the country, Ghana and see for my self, there is a lot of fraud and let us do this together a network if i may and work together..
We can get thru this one way or another..

2009-01-06 16:57:46 -
We can work together and find out if our on-line love is for real let us see pictures of our on-line loves and see if any of them are the same person..

2009-01-06 16:56:07 -
does anyone have pictures of the girls from on-line scams?

2007-12-03 13:13:08 -
how can you tell if that significant other you met online is legit

2007-12-03 13:11:21 -
How can you tell if that significant other you met online is legit

2007-12-03 13:09:35 -
How can you check if this significant other is legitimate

2007-09-24 16:46:02 -
True - do some research.

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