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Online dating fraud

Date: March 29, 2005
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: CCRC staff

Have you met anyone online? Do you have any online girlfriends or pals? Have you exchanged photos with them? Do they look like 1 million dollar? Where do they live? Eastern Europe? Did you tell her/him that you want to meet her/him? Did they ask you for some money to come to you? Did you give them money? DO YOU TRUST THEM?

Russia, a young man Z. registered on acquaintance website by the name of his girlfriend, the girl had no idea about it. In order to speed up the process of tempting foreign admirers, he attached a sexy photo of another woman. Afterwards, having entered into correspondence with US resident, he started to swindle money out of him under the pretence of preparation to get visa and leave for the US.

As it become clear, he tricked out about $2 thousand in such a way. The scammer has got 4 years of suspended sentence only because he reimbursed the victim for his damage. For reference, however, in other cases criminals may get up to 4 years jail for such offences.

This case is not unique. Almost everyday people turn to CCRC on such online fraud, claiming that some unknown person living in Romania, Ukraine or Russia tricked out up to several thousand dollars.

It is very hard to track down such criminals. Information that they give to their online may be faked. You wire money through Western Union and they just disappear.

Herewith, we do not say that all pretty girls in the Eastern Europe are swindlers. It is you who takes the choice and the risk. Don't get fooled.

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