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Discussion : Child porn: The troubled past of James Perry

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2005-06-25 17:40:16 - nata
To those who so much admire James Perry:

You are really sick to have James Perry as your hero!! I hope, if you take his example you will not finish like him, but much worse. Hope with all my heart you and your types would be electricized at once, with your dicks and asses burning in hell!!!!

2005-06-17 22:55:52 - Grateful X
Jamie's sister warned Leanna... she didn't want to believe it and chose to believe him over his sister.

He is a monster and all the therapy in the world won't help. Leanna isn't much better of a person. Thank God he cheated on me with her so I could pack his crap and take it to his work.

2005-06-15 17:26:49 -
leave james perry alone... he is AWESOME!!
im gonna get his face tatooed on my ass

2005-06-15 17:21:00 -
Wow.. James Perry is AWESOME!!! This guy is my hero...
I love how that 8 year old girl was crying for her mommy while he was raping her.. that cracked me up!
I also love how he videotaped himself masturbating around children in department stores... that takes balls!!
Im thinking of getting his face tattooed on my arm.. what do you guys think?

2005-06-15 08:58:32 - roslyn
james perry will get what he deserves in prison they dont tolerate rock spiders in there.

2005-06-15 08:23:33 -
I saw the story on OPRAH, and was saddend by it! i feel so much for his daughters! and leanna! I hope the daughters' life isnt going to be screwed up because of it! All mothers should now be AWARE dont brush off the signs that you see that might be suspicious! always take extra care who you let your kids be alone with!
We can never know why people can be so sick! all we can do is keep our kids away!

2005-06-15 08:08:12 - lisa

2005-05-18 07:55:36 -
I knew Leanna through high school and when she got pregnant.
I also was there for all the drama of her breakup with Scott K even met her new boyfriend who we all called J P seemed like a nice guy quiet kept to himself You would have never thought that about him
then again they say you think you know someone then just look I feel Bad for everyone involved especially for all the people he raped/abused whatever sick shit that he did and the things he did to other people no one will ever find out about Poor for Leanna and family I have known her, mother & brother for a long time this is just disturbing news to me.
Leaana or Ms Campbell if you read this we will pray for you and your family.

2005-05-15 01:37:21 -
yea..this guys is weird...eww eww eww eww eww~~~ omg! gay ppl rock...
we need to stop porn...if porn sites go away, i bet less things like this would happen

2005-05-12 23:08:20 -
in response to fredrad's comment... someone like this should NEVER be released back in to society. people like that do not change. They do it, get arrested, dream about it and think about it while they're there, pretend to be 'cured, get released, and do it again. The best place for him is locked up in prison for the rest of his miserable pathetic little life, and then he can rot in hell.

2005-05-12 19:35:42 -
Sexual Child Abuse has to be one of the most depraved criminal acts ever, no child should ever have to live through an ordeal like that. This man is a monster in sheeps clothing. I can understand how this could go on and no one knew, they don't exactly advertise what they are doing. In fact in all of the cases I have ever read about it is the act of deception that these people are the best at.

We all know he faces a most hossible existence in jail but that won't change what he did, it won't make it go away and it won't make it any better or less painful for his victims. What everyone should do is give all this attention to his victims and work on helping them and forget about that loser. After all he is put away where he belongs and will pay the ultimate price for his crimes one day.

One thing I want to say to everyone is that if you have children then love them and believe in them. If they tell you something is happening then believe them and support them because it is your responsibility to do so. If you see there behavior changing before your very eyes then investigate find out why.

Children are precious and innocent and should be protected. Adults will make it through even if wrongly accused, authorities have lots of tools and techniques among them to establish the truth and if the child is lying for some reason they will find out. Under no circumstances should an adult that a child confides in tell them they don't believe them. I can't imagine how devastating that would be.

Ask yourself if someone bigger than you was hurting you on a daily basis and you had once chance to stop it you would, now imagine that one chance being snatched away from you just when you thought you'd made it and the pain would stop. Imagine feeling like you have no choice but to continue living in that nightmare and that you have no one on your side. It isn't a pretty feeling.

someone who cares

2005-05-12 13:05:54 - Shelley
Anon - you must be joking. If YOU don't wish to speak of homosexuality, then don't, but we're not all bible thumpers.

2005-05-12 01:27:17 - Anon
RE: The comments from Erik Garsky. You're are a very ignorant evil man, to wish acts of homosexuality on any human being! By doing this--you're condoning the evil of homosexuality. If's it's justice you're after, then these kind of evil human beings should all be put to death. And in hell they will be punished for eternity, without rest!

2005-05-12 01:17:13 - C.R.
Yes, He could have easily been stopped--many times! Brenda Perry is very nieve, ignorant, foolish and irresponsible--even now after all that happened! This man wasn't a master at what he did--it's just the victims didn't do what they could to stop him(excepting the children--it was the adults in there lifes who failed to protect them!)

2005-05-11 23:50:47 - fredrad
Well, he had a troubled past. He should recieve therapy and be released to be a productive member of society.

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