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Discussion : Child porn: The troubled past of James Perry

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2007-07-13 17:03:48 -
I don't belive that a life sentance is good enough for Mr. James Perry. He is a sick man and should be put to sleep after he is sexually abused over and over again, just as he did to those children especiaaly for attacking his own child.

2006-04-17 14:41:47 -
thomas redeker was involed just as much if not more

2006-04-12 14:40:35 -
he had to be miss treated as a child because that explains the outrage. why don't people let this go and get this off the internet. because enough is enough already. it's been over 2 years and it just goes on and on. praying for him and the victims but get it off of the internet please!

2006-04-11 15:48:09 -
he was molested as a child by 3 adults how could he be normal? think about it.don't put him down so badly. he has a lifetime prison term. is't that enough? that was wrong about the sister and he was very remorseful for what he did. the older girls excepted his appolgy.what if just what if it was your son? we pray for him and lots do also.if you love god than you should'nt be putting him down but praying for him. concerned

2006-04-05 23:52:33 -
As for me, id care less for child molesters, a dogs life means more to me. what the tell the president to give them the lethal injection.. understand.? capiche.

2006-04-05 23:49:04 - robert frometa
as for me if i were president,.. id give child molestors listen to ME the lethal injection a stop to s**t like that capiche?..good.

2006-03-02 21:42:58 -
Het is vreemd, maar ik heb u nodig kinderen die vermist zijn uit nederland op te sporen.
schrijf me:

2006-01-13 22:20:54 -
Stop taking those commenters seriously, people. They're just trolls getting a kick out of pissing you off.

2006-01-13 18:54:26 -
I agree with all you people, your a sick f***, and you will be caught. I will make sure of that!!!!!!!!!

2006-01-13 17:17:07 - Outraged
I think all child molesters should get the time James Perry recieved. My daughter was molested by a boyfriend and the court system made a plea bargin with the molester and didn't tell me. I was told that he plead guilty but when I went to court for the hearing he only recieved 3 years probation and he had to register as a sex offender. He served almost a year before he plead guilty but the probation just allowed him to be free to molest other children. The legal system need to start treating the child molesters as murderers because they kill the lives of innocent children. Those of you who place your sick remarks on this site should beware because you will be caught. Are you so stupid that the way technology is today your computer can be traced to where you live so don't be surprised if you get a visit by the FBI (the laugh will be on us). I hope you are caught and punished to the fullist. One tip for single mothers since we are the biggest target for these sick animals, If you meet someone and start to date them take time out and do a criminal records check on them. This information is public record and you can get it from the comfort of your home. This crime has to stop and we have to be the ones educated about it so we can help law enforcement catch these non-humans.

2006-01-13 15:20:50 - mother of three
I wish someone could find the three disgusting creeps on this site and send them straight to prison. To say something like that on here must mean they are a couple of sick bastards too!! They should just get mothers like myself to take care of sick ppl like James Perry. They would regret the day they even looked at a child wrong.

2006-01-13 13:43:17 -
Hey Heh
You sound like a friend of his. I live to find scum like you. This is not something to joke about..if you are joking. I would watch what you write.

2005-10-19 00:49:21 - anonymous
i agree, anyone that idolises this man and condones this kind of behaviour should be where he is. Children are our future what kind of future will the world have if we raise victims that will most likely become the predators we loathe. Dont be sick some of you, really grow up and think seriously about some of your comments.

2005-10-12 10:12:16 -
Where can i get the tapes =)?

2005-08-31 18:44:26 -
i think he's not good in his mine to do that, his own child, i think he don't no what it is i think he most undergo the same as all the victims

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