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Discussion : Man gets 10 years for downloading child pornography

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2006-06-23 18:14:18 -
the whole thing is about perverted cruelty and control. these people need help but some are beyond help. i truely think the law needs to be changed. i knew a man on the register. he stayed away from home on lots of occassions without informing the local police. he even stayed in homes where children resided, no one knew anything of his past or the registers restrictions. it was easy for him!

2005-01-15 22:43:09 -
Why cannot they catch the people that are actually making this material in the first place? Catching the downloaders is good but unless they find the people creating it it is going to carry on being produced and brought onto the internet.

2004-08-26 02:43:02 -
I think it is sick, how could a guy do anything like that. The one question i think is "What does he get out of it" Honestly it is sick

Total 3 comments
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