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Discussion : St. Charles man admits producing child pornography

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2009-03-24 12:36:21 -
I knew Todd a long time ago - he used to be on the BBSs as Sigmond. - It is totally crazy that he did this - but what is even worse is the mother of the child went along with it! She deserved more punishment than him, I believe.

2007-12-28 04:15:13 - ...
If it were your child don't you think they'd be embarrassed?
If the names were not given it wouldn't be so bad.

2007-11-18 21:51:23 -
YES!!! people do have EVERY right to know all about this. Especially when the sick individuals involved lied about it and still are. What if it were your child who had to go through this? Or your best friend who did this and has lied to your face for years...
how sick can you be??

2006-01-25 18:13:20 - -
I beleive it's a personal issue, and should not be on display for the world to see.

2005-05-24 02:40:05 - ...
This is nobodys busniess but the people involed. you shouldnt be posting this on the internet. nobody needs to know this.

Total 5 comments
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