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St. Charles man admits producing child pornography

Date: February 22, 2004

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- A St. Charles man pleaded guilty Friday to child enticement and producing child pornography, U.S. Attorney Ray Gruender said.

Todd Peterson, 28, pleaded guilty to additional charges of receipt and possession of child pornography last month in federal court. Sentencing on all the charges was set for May 7.

A co-defendant, Patricia Northcotte, 32, of Kansas City, pleaded guilty in January to one felony count of production of child pornography and one felony count of use of interstate facility to persuade a minor to engage in a sex act. She will be sentenced April 9.

Authorities said Peterson contacted an underage girl in Canada, sent her a digital camera, induced her to take sexually explicit photos of herself and send them to him. He also tried to persuade the girl to have sex with him, Gruender said.

In his January plea, Peterson admitted possessing child pornography on his computer and ordering and receiving child porn videos through the mail.
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