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Discussion : Should your provider block access to websites containing child porn?

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2006-11-13 20:07:09 -
Dont u guys have a first r second amendment abou free speech or did I get the wrong country who invaded Iraq for truth justice and the American way. U with respect R such BSs

2006-11-13 20:03:35 -
With respect there are so many restrictions and rules in life now. May we not tolerate a little madness for freedom. Remember JS Mill free to be good and great and free to be evila and licentious but free above all

2006-04-22 11:51:23 -
it should block sex and shag scenes on computers so children cant find out

2006-01-22 17:18:59 -

2006-01-22 17:18:16 -
block all of child porn

2005-12-02 05:33:33 -
should not be avalable to any mone

2005-10-20 03:32:55 -
YES, I did a little test of my own tonight, after my daughter was asleep...and found out that by searching under simple words, tons of sex sites were easily accessible. Then after clicking on one, 20 more pop up and it was difficult to get out of them. I am appalled at the things that were out there that can be view WITHOUT having to have a memeber ID (tons of free tours). These should be blocked as well! Thank you!!! I never want my daughter to see this stuff! Especially child porn! Sick and disgusting!!! DEFINITELY block it all!!!

2005-10-16 23:21:00 - James Smith
I heard that in the United States of America that child porn isn't even allowed on the internet anywhy.

2005-09-28 08:47:11 -
yes they should take off child porn because who wants toseeit not me iwould be just fine with legal age adults porn sites in stead they try to trick you to click on beautiful breasts site and these pedophile sites pop up and idont want bad images in my head so fight to ban child porn

2005-09-24 12:51:38 -
to block access to sex websites

2005-09-17 22:19:28 -
Thank you for the info!

2004-09-08 19:09:20 - bronco
I hope somebody fuckin' shoots you dead Dawn

2004-08-23 09:26:13 - dawn
do you wha't I think? I think you are all where sexually abused whin you where children and you don't stand the idea that you where so horny whin that happind! lol ;-)

2004-08-23 05:46:36 -
Child pornography is a crime worldwide. Every provider who host a website for child pornography is an accessory of this crime.
Adults Abused as Children Worldwide

2004-08-22 19:41:03 - pawn
oh and by the way, sex with children has never been acceptable, nor 'more acceptable'. Only your tiny group of perverted beatnick pedophiles would think such a thing.

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