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Discussion : Should your provider block access to websites containing child porn?

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2004-08-22 19:38:45 - pawn
Thats pretty foul dawn

Sex with children is not ok, have you known somebody that was sexually abused as a child? It damages them quite a bit once they are old enough to know that some pervert took advantage of them. Two children experimenting is different, but when a full grown adult takes advantage of a child, they ought to be shot or hung.

2004-08-22 14:41:10 - dawn
I think that Russians are more open about sex and nudity in the first place! after all they are the most educated people in Europe . I think that sex with children is geting more acceptable now days and I don't think that there is anything bad about it as long as nobody make a big deal about it .

2004-08-22 04:15:17 - Disco
I think its a fair idea to block criminal websites, the same as blocking terrorist websites I suppose. But the more tech savvy paedophile will be able to avoid their ISP's blockage with great ease.

The UK already has a programme in place to block such sites, but I would think the use of a proxy in a browser would be able to bypass that system all together. This isnt a case of big brother, and monitoring activities, it simply protects kids on the net, and others that dont want that material on the net at all. The only people that would be upset about it, are those that want the child porn. Its still new, and i'm sure a lot of bugs will have to be ironed out. But I wouldnt think it would be a half bad idea to track all those that do visit child porn websites. I find the poll odd as well, why so many more russians didnt vote on the block. I guess I dont have any ideas to that regard. I also believe domain and hosting services should use the technology as well. I mean, it would be more like a bot, not a payed employee.

2004-08-21 10:04:19 - no one
what? they want to block sites on the internet?! what else? maybe they want to monitor what we surf too! tell us what we should be browsing and what we shouldn't , big brother is coming!! .

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