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Discussion : Ukrainian child porn ring

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2004-08-14 20:11:12 -
any where is wanker69 in all of this, wanker69 I told you it was illegal, you should of listen to my advice, look at you now! ahhh freedom feels even better now! no more children asking where is my mummy - heh heh -


2004-08-14 19:51:17 -
Freedom to LS-people!!!They produced high-quality erotic photos and videos of young girls. THIS IS NOT A CHILD PORNOGRAPHY! They didn't forced or raped the childs. American bloody videoblockbusters and war in Iraq are ugly pornography! Yeah, stoopid and idiotic FBI! Catch islamic terrorists! Hands off LS-Sites!!! Bastards! Why you, uncle sam, deside what I CAN DO or CANNOT DO? IT IS NO CRIME! CRIME ARE YUGOSLAVIA AND IRAQ. I HATE YOU, AMERICA!!! I HATE YOU, BIG BROTHER(remember George Orwell, 1984)!

2004-08-14 18:51:18 - Dreamland
It's awful!! It's awful to arrest so innocent people taking so nice artistic photos. I have collection containing about 50000 files with lolitas so ARREST ME !!!!! I am waiting stupid and idiotic FBI! You don't have any more important things to do it? Nobody can track me and watch in my private computer - this my private matter so leave alone this photographers from LS-studio! They do wonderful work!

2004-08-13 21:31:36 - KuatO
People have made very artistic paintings and photographs of children. The difference is the intent. Not so much 'just' the viewer. There are plenty of respected artists who have photographed children that only get trouble from very pure, hardcore christian extremists. LS-Studios visualy was about nothing but sex. Think about that when you have your hand down your pants hypocrit. A child doesnt have to be nude at all to be art, infact the best art of a child is not nude at all. And that doesnt mean your distasteful non-nude lolita sites. Go search for true art without the intent to sexually arouse yourself. Go to a respected art gallery. Open your horizons to more types of art than just that of sexuallity.

Its funny how iconomach and others like him, blame those that beg for more sexual material, and 'gangsters' etc. Accountability anyone? Obviously one who lacks common sense would not know what accountability even is.


2004-08-13 20:28:07 -
I like to see beautiful photographs of beautiful girls, and I will not let anyone tell me that I am allowed only to view girls in artistic photographs who are over a certain age. I also love each of the distinct styles used by the different photographers who worked for LS-Studio, and the designs of the sets/costumes/makeup, etc. I do not like to see vaginas or anuses in the photographs... for me, they blemish the overall beauty of the girl, like a wound on a sacred being which is impossible to overlook and which highlights the mortal infection of the sacred being and her connection to flawed humanity. I like clean pictures, but I was happy to join the LS sites and just ignore all the pictures that I found to be distasteful. Now there will be no more work by those underrated and much-maligned photographers and artists, and I have found nobody else in the world who emulates their unique styles. Who do I have to blame for this artistic loss? the gangsters who pushed the artists too far? the subscribers who encouraged them to go beyond the limit? the people who did not cry loudly enough against the ever increasing explicitness? No, I find myself blaming "people like" kuatO, who could never recognize the beauty of the clean works of art created by LS-Studios, because - unlike me - all they looked at was the vaginas and the anuses, and credible people listened to him/her. I know nothing about the "live webcam shows" and the "other projects" that have been alluded to, as I am only interested in the photographic sites, but I doubt that they were the work of the same photographers and artists, even if it was the same gang giving the orders behind the scenes. The credibility of the artists whose work I have seen is estimated by the photographs they took, not by the circumstances under which they were taken, and not by the photographs which they were 'obliged' to take to satisfy the gang they were working for. If the artists are indeed ex-lolita models, then how much freedom did they have in their art, and precisely how different would their photography be if they did not have their "bosses" breathing down their necks? Maybe the answer to that will come if the investigation ever surfaces to a court of law and the authorities are able to discriminate between the artists and the gangsters - maybe then they will be given an opportunity to create the art they wish to, and not the art someone tells them to make; but then again, maybe not. As to the disparaged intellectual content of these photographers' works, I can answer that my personal exegesis has uncovered depths and meanings none of the pedo-paranoid lolita-iconomachs could ever discern, much less acknowledge, and I will be happy to enlighten the authorities after they have been knocking on my door. Now that these sites are down, where will I find similar works of art? I never imagined that there could be such great works on this internet thing, and I never imagined that what people are calling "Child Porn" could bear such a remarkable resemblance to what saner prople in a saner time call works of art. Maybe if the photographic works of LS-Studio actually were "Child Porn" after all, then surely other "Child Porn" would be just as exquisite... maybe every internet site that was ever closed down in the history of the internet under the description of "Child Porn" contained pictures that were just as fine those on the LS sites. If that is the case, then perhaps I should go looking for some more... Millions of other folks might be sharing the same thought.
I hope to high heaven that none of the young women I wondered at on the LS websites were "handed out like sex candy..." to buy protection. I hope that is only a deceit used to jump-start the operation against the studios. Why does it always have to boil down to sex? Why the hell can't somebody for once just photograph young girls in such an innovative manner and fresh style, and to such a high standard, without skewing it into child porn or abusing people? Why can't a decent person just make clean nude photographic art of girls, without being a pervert?

2004-08-13 18:17:25 - KuatO
The Lolita Problem

2004-08-13 18:10:47 - KuatO
lolilover: Did you even read the article? Its called organized crime. And yes, it was an underage porn operation disguised as a modeling agency. Obviously.

Did you read the part about what they do to gain protection from the law? I guess not. Thinking that giving sexual favors from minors to hush up authorities is right is just plain idiotic and sick. Do you think handing out kids like sex candy is art too lolilover?

These sites were not only the ukrainian angels, nymphets, ls-magazine etc... they had other operations that you are probably not aware of. As well as private 'live' webcam type shows where paying pedos ask the children what to do.

I feel sorry only in a way for you lolilover. You are just like many other perverts that try so hard to tell yourself these sites were art. Do you know the names of the 'art' photographers? Are they respected artists? Do the photos contain any political, or scientific value as well? Are they designed and produced to enlighten the mind? hahaha I think NOT.

This article is very good, and was obviously written by someone with a brain and common sense, like most the people in the real world.

One down, more to go.

FYI, LS-Studios was made up by about 58 employees. The filming crew were infact mostly women, so that the children felt more comfortable. And they were also as well most likely child models. Also by showing them their past material to brainwash them into doing the same.

Billing companies used in the past are no more such as trustbill. Orange bill was more recent. But also many other various forms of 'virtual' billing were used. They quit using Visa when Visa started tracking their customers who payed for such child porn sites such as LS-Studios. Mastercard was more commonly used after that was noticed.

Anyone who calls these CP sites art, is only trying to brainwash themselves and be their to help justify their lust over children, and for all the rest in their child porn communities.

lolilover: You just said it too, now that this CP site is down, people who want cp, will go get cp elsewhere.

I reccommend finding an article called "The Lolita Problem". Very much is associated with this type of organized crime.

Sure there are many that are poor, but the fact is, many of these children and the families these children came from were pretty well off. And many of the parents were lied too, and exploited just like the children were. The CP business is a sick and twisted industry, with a sick and twisted demand from people like lolilover.

There will be more busts for sure, you can count on that!! Keep your eye on the news!!!



2004-08-13 13:02:57 - lolilover
Another thing , by closing LS sites the real CP sites will be realy in business!! are you happy?!. (-;

2004-08-13 12:54:02 - lolilover
This news is about the LS company bust a couple of weeks ago .
Now LS a porn studio?!! that is not true , infact LS produced only genuine artistical work of art . To say a nude girl photo is a work of pornography is a one big lie , nudity and porn are tow very different things! .

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