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Discussion : Ukrainian child porn ring

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2004-08-16 09:16:24 - KuatO
lolilover: I would suggest you get some help for your mental issues.


2004-08-16 08:23:49 - lolilover
well , nothing will stop us frome loveing these beautiful little girls , with or without LS and BD around! more will come , no one can stop it , they are simply too beautiful to be wasted! .

2004-08-15 22:55:55 -
till now i don't believe that there's really child porn
i have never seen it
i think it's oly maked in studios by compling pics

2004-08-15 21:39:30 - A new subscriber
All this has convinced that a should be a new subscriber to LS, I wonder why the FBI can't do anything to stop real CP which is offered even free, I have friends who have a big colelction of videos especially. Is it maybe that the FBI gets paid to let cp sites work? I'm quite sure they are bribed.

2004-08-15 21:19:02 - Russian Crazy Kid
For those of you that truly have an interest in the outcome of this and are supporters of LS, you are always welcome at:
It's the unofficial LS-Forum for the time being (for LS supporters).

Al, I agree with you on freedom for LS but, man, I sense a lot anger, buddy. Everything will turn out fine. LS coming back online the other day was their way of telling us that they are still around.

2004-08-15 20:26:46 -
Anti iconomach, haven't we met before?

2004-08-15 14:07:07 -
please give me image of vid pedo

2004-08-15 12:23:22 - Nabokov
So, KuatO knew that one couldn't buy access to an LS site, even though the sites were up. Mustn't he have tried to do so, to know so?

Ah well, we will see if LS will regain control over the servers or not.

Until then, I believe only what I know for a fact, not what everyone here and elsewhere is speculating. Funny, how a press release by Reuters of only a few lines and with no details whatsoever, has everyone claiming details from 'well-informed' sources. Which sources would that be? And how 'well-informed' are they, or is their claim as much speculation as ours is?
Another funny thing, there is no mention of the bust on either the Russian or the Ukrainian segments of this site. Not worthwhile mentioning this earth shocking bust?

2004-08-15 10:15:50 - DontArrest Me
KuatO (aka Mr.-I-Know-everything-about-LS-but-yet-it disgusts-me),
I WILL sign up. Thank you.
Give them a chance to get organized first.It has only been a few days.

2004-08-15 08:22:26 - ty
Hey Al, we all will miss LS. Don't get your panties in a twist. You hate America? Fuck you, you garbage.

2004-08-15 05:44:59 - alvista
I just left a post on the other thread that was deleted. Is it perhaps because I gave my e-mail?

2004-08-15 03:52:43 - KuatO
Good, why dont you subscribe then :)

2004-08-15 01:06:14 - DontArrestMe
Kuat0, it looks like your preaching has been meaningless because, yes, LS is back up.

2004-08-14 23:10:17 -
may all police be struck down by terrorists,& their wives raped & murdered violently.If theres no sex how can it be porn?Death to fbi,interpol,& all the other moronic law enfoircement agencies around this shitty backwards world!!!

2004-08-14 21:55:03 - Barry
LS forum & sites are back online from yesterday (although membership is currently not available)
So I wonder have the LS protection payments worked for them ?

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