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Discussion : Teenage boys biggest viewers of child porn - internal affairs

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2005-10-04 06:41:48 -
Can you please giv me advice on how to aviod PORN!!!

2005-09-08 13:10:18 - intreged father
im a very loving father, but i have to agree with bob.
i think that all we are doing by making the models older is, making our young men of our society want to have sexual thoughts and sex with older women. this is what is causing all the rapes and all the sexual encounters we hear about in our day to day lives. i dont think that it is appropriate to show our kids the porn that is made today, but i think that we should make a type of porn for young teenages and young adults. i think that they shopuld choose weather they want to be models or not. this new porn for younger people should not be too plain or unstimulating nor should it be too "hardcore" or too sexualy active. i think that it should provide and sort of tease that is stimulating enough for our teenages.

2005-09-08 13:02:11 - bob
im 13 and i love porn. you can't expect us to no look at girls our own age!!! we are forced to look at porno models the same age as our mothers. that is sick!

2005-02-26 22:22:14 -
no comment

2005-02-25 21:18:47 -
Of course, children who are sexually-aware are capable of making the choice - with the guidance and support of and their parents - to pose for artistic nude photos taken by professional photographers. Such erotic works of art are often called "child-porn", even though there is no abuse or exploitation, no malicious intent. They are capable of making this choice, but in many oppressive countries they are not allowed to make the choice.

The reason they are capable is this: if an "underaged" person wishes to look at porn to obtain sexual fulfillment, then they are old enough, because they are sexually-aware, to express their own sexuality for others to enjoy, however old their audience may be. Would it be acceptable if "underage" erotica was only viewed by "underaged" people?
No of course not.

In so many democratic countries, democracy and freedom does not fully apply to all people under a certain age.
Because their sexuality is not legally recognized, and they are not free in the law to express their inner feelings, they are easy targets for manipulative and exploitative monsters to control, since their sexuality and their feelings are already controlled by the best of adults.

The real problem is not with "underaged" people enjoying porn, it is a doublr-edged sword: firstly, the "underaged" viewers are in possession of an illegal and offensive sexuality; secondly, adult viewers are also in possession of an illegal and offensive sexuality.

Most people argue that "underaged" people do not have a right to possess a sexuality, do not have a right to express their inner feelings, and do not have a right to fulfill themselves sexually. Just as most people argue that any person who is no longer "underaged" has no right to recognize the beauty of an "underaged" person, and no right to be sexually aroused by them - which is easy when the "underaged" people are forced into an existence without a sexuality.

On the bottom line: we don't want our children having sex, and we don't want perverts looking at them. They belong to us. They can have sex when they reach an age at which their sexuality does not make us feel uncomfortable with the idea that we might be sexually equal to them, and that we are transmitting on the same frequency as them.

2005-02-24 08:30:27 -
I think the point here is not so much that they are looking at kids their own age in that thios material isnt exactly produced for them. They are created by malicious means and saying its ok for them to watch it because its someone in their age group isnt ok because these children aren't providing themselves for this to be done. Adults in pornography make the choice children don't.

2005-02-17 02:04:01 - WTFMeister
Teenage males are basically hormone driven, almost every teenage guy looks at porn in some way. Common sense would tell you that at some point that 15 year old kid is gonna wanna "get off" to a girl a year or 2 younger than him, or 15 years old as well. I don't see the big deal, here. =/

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