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Discussion : Teenage boys biggest viewers of child porn - internal affairs

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2006-01-02 14:22:44 - ALONE
hmmmmmmm well I like 14 year old ones because thats my age so I get a litte more horny of course I NEVER FIND IT but its shows the losers like me out there that we have a chance c ya

2005-12-19 19:54:48 - A girl
u guys r SICK!!!!!!!!

2005-12-16 08:27:52 -
hey i need under age porn now so wen u find some email me pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

2005-12-15 18:13:04 -
I'm a 15 year old boy That like porn and i agree with gothix, bob and Weirdo but looking for grils ( i'm not gay) we teenager do not like looking at something are dad or mom would look at but it is the only thing we have besides are recording of us and are grilfreins have sex, it just dose it make since. so this is where I say make ypur own vido and but it on the web so we can enjoy it. so peace out seeya

2005-12-15 06:59:11 - gothix
im 12 and i want to see more porn my own age its not fair who wants to see a 60 year old naked sure as hell not me!

2005-12-14 02:14:42 - Shady
My God, this is shocking!!

2005-12-12 14:42:51 -

2005-12-11 14:34:04 -
I'm a 15 year old girl and like most of you guys i'm addicted to all sorts of porn. For some reason i've never come across under-aged porn so now I want to see some. If any of you know where to find some please tell me. Thanks

2005-11-28 01:44:27 -
i love porn and penuses im a young 12 year old boy and im proud of being gay porn is the best it helps me through life

2005-11-28 01:38:41 -
help me im a 12 year old boy who is addicted to porn

2005-11-26 22:19:45 -
im 14 and would like to see porn my own age limit.

2005-11-26 04:35:37 - jutin
I am 9 and I think porno is the best thing I have ever seen it is the boom

2005-11-26 04:29:26 - Jo But

2005-11-18 06:31:46 -

2005-11-12 06:00:34 - Anonymous
I love looking at porn but dont do look all the time! I really want to do it but I'm so young and not mature enough! i think i will masturbate myself from now on! mmmmmmmmmm i'll eat out my friends too!

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Total 37 comments
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