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Discussion : One cybercrime every ten seconds

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2007-09-15 03:46:05 -
Very true.
In real terms Cyberspace is a police-free no go zone.
Every day I get a load of fraud e-mails from various banks, offers for prescription drugs, sex and gambling.
And you should see my firewall logs!
Of course nearly all of the e-mails end up in the spam bin, which I always check for the genuine ones that get sent there.
But if we want internet freedom, this is the price.
If I get serious attacks, I issue a warning and then take drastic actions against the attacking computers, and then they try an easier target.

Cyberspace will always be the new Wild West, and those who can't use a .45 to exterminate the injuns will be the lusers.
You and only YOU are responsible for your safety in the cyber jungle.
I have been into computing since the days of STRETCH in 1961.
Cybersecurity has always been and always will be a myth.

Total 1 comments
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