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One cybercrime every ten seconds

Date: September 09, 2007

In the UK last year there were a staggering 3,237,500 cybercrimes committed according to a new report from online identity specialists Garlik in collaboration with leading criminologists. Do the math and that works out to one cybercrime committed every ten seconds in the UK alone.

Of these, some 60 percent were what are termed offences against the person such as threatening emails, libellous website comments and Internet perpetrated blackmail attempts. There were more than 200,000 cases of online financial fraud, double the number of real-world robberies that took place in the UK during the same period. ID theft online hit the 90,000 incidents mark, while unauthorised access to someone's PC with an underhand or unknown motive peaked at 144,500 and online sexual offences a worrying 850,000.
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2007-09-15 03:46:05 - Very true. In real terms Cyberspace is a... Mike Orton
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