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Discussion : FDLE warns of tsunami e-mail scams

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2009-04-27 16:34:18 -
This man by the name of:Barr.Benjamin Thompson sent me an email regarding the death of a family member due to the tsumani. He says that the family member of mine left behind 19$million unclaimed and is asking me for help so that i can get 45% of this money. How is this so and is this really a scam? Please help me to understand this.He already has my name, if he gets my address what can come of that? I hope to hear from someone soon.

2009-04-12 12:53:33 -
After joining Aussie Schoolmates I received this email from "barrister Edwin Nsika":

Dear Sir/Madam

I take the liberty of writing you this very confidential mail. I implore you to give it your maximum attention as the contents are in absolute good faith.

For avoidance of doubts, my name is Barrister Edwin Nsika, I am a full time practicing lawyer registered with the Togolese Bar Association as well as a Member of African Independent Financial Advisors.

My purpose of writing you this confidential mail is hinged on the fact that; I was personal attorney to Mr. ROBERT HENDERSON, nationality of your country. Precisely on December 30th, 2006, while returning from Accra Ghana after a weekend holiday at Labadi beach Hotel, my client and members of his family (wife and daughter) died in ghastly motor accident by running into a stationery Trailer without warning sign along the Togo/Ghana Express way.

After his death with members of his family,due process was followed to alert members of the public and any relation of his through Electronic Media Obituary Announcement both in the local television station here in Togo and Ghana. Also I took personal steps to announce his death through internet advert but yet up till this moment of writing no surviving relation of my said client ever came forward.

Right now his Bankers has written me requesting me to contact any serving relation of his for the purpose of transferring his estate in the sum of 10.2 million Us Dollars.Due to the pressure from the Bank I decided to present you as the next of kin to my said deceased client and to further ask your hand of co-operation under utmost confidentiality to claim the outstanding sum by presenting you as the Next of Kin of my late client.

Needless to reassure you that as a Lawyer and personal attorney to my late client, all the necessary information and documents that will sufficiently prove to the officials of the Bank that you are the next of Kin to the deceased shall be obtained legally from the probate section of the High Court.

I would therefore request you to give this letter serious thought and get back to me urgently . Only at my private

2009-03-31 06:36:51 -
yeah i got the same aswell different name it was after registering on old school friends whats the catch with this site man i feel DUMB.....!

2009-03-30 16:38:01 -
yea whatever clown!!!!!!

2009-03-24 19:09:26 - bernard
yeah, i got the same e-mail guys..just today.i was surprissed that he knows my family name and country. the same e-mail as what others got he just change the name of that dead person supposedly so i looked for the name of that dead person in the internet but there was none but when i searched the name of this bastard i discovered that he is a scam.. better verify first for any doubtful offers.

2009-03-24 15:32:57 -

2009-03-23 16:50:33 -
This a**hole emailed me too and I knew it was a hoax so I told him to F#@% off. Its just cruel how people can try to do things like that and try to get peoples hopes up. We're all allowed to dream but we don't need F#@%heads like Edwin Nsika mocking our dreams.

2009-03-14 23:34:16 - lexx1
yeah this looser tried to say that some guy with the same last name as me died and their looking for his next of kin so he was trying to ask me to send all my details so he could put 10.2 million dollars into my account this guy needs a hiding cause I've heard he done it to a lot of people just goes to show how bored people get with their lives! He needs to be arrested or something!! But the funny thing is when I got the e-mail I knew it was some sort of scam ha ha ha but I wanted it to be true "the things I could do with that money" ha ha oh well I just hope that the authorities catch this no cause the sad thing is he's getting everyone's hopes up!

2009-03-14 17:35:53 -
WELL yea THIS bastered got me good cant some one do something about him lucky my brother's a computer freak or i would have been bank rupt or he could of been at my door gana shoot me these things can get outta control like that i guess or am i watching too much t.v Soo glad i found this sight i started getting really really scared and now i feel like we are on top ov the worl shame shame Edwin you forskin gods going to punnish you three times azz bad az you got our hopes up Soo rot in hell you sick sick old bastered carnt you just leave the world alane and let it go round in peace you saggy old sick freak gosh if i knew who you god help me ok i got that off my chest so now too all the people who were scan smart good on yah big ups too uze all

2009-03-14 17:19:58 -
This person has mailed me twice now and at first he scared me and now i know that it is a scam because he tried to get a dead persons money sent to me so be care full of Edwin Nsika

2009-03-12 22:40:08 -
My Reply to edwin:

yeah whatever and Osama Bin laden is my uncle coz George bush is my Grandfather and they were both in a mini travelling at 70kms per hour when suddenly the right rear tire came off and landed on the roof of Obama Barracks little house next to Bart simpsons house( before he moved to the white house) The pressure of the tire suddenly gave in and the whole roof caved in.... Osama came running out In a bath robe looking exhausted and sweat running from head to toe, with Hilary Clinton behind him he yells in a pissed off voice......

"What the bloody hell is happening out here?"

"neva mind , come back inside the straw house , Ive got a stew on the stove" Hilary said.

"soo so sorrry for dis " Osama Bin Laden replied

Bush replies

"Dont worry bout it solider , im dam sure he can afford another roof... the bastards getting well paid shortly... and he can thank my job for it'

With that Osama hits Obama on the head with a rock....

" Dere he not be stealin your job anymore little bush..." bush suprised looks at osama like a proud father to his son, "

"U are amazing ... u should come work for me one day.."

2009-03-12 21:54:30 - Ngaha
Yes sooo did weee.
But the stupid thing is we sent all our ID and passports all the stuf he wanted then we checked up on his Name and saw this SCAM SITE how doongy are we to think were gunna get packs of money like 10.2 Million mate That would go down real good got me and my familys hopes up for a mean future but no no no
Its all SHIT! Were having a laugh about it while writing this stupid thing

2009-03-12 16:05:32 -
Hey honestly these guys need to be arrested. This aint funny, trying to say i have a dead relative... Honestly im gonna sue these people and track them down!!!!

2009-03-12 03:44:59 -
Hey guy's i too got the same letter this person needs shooting what a f*%$^# idiot he must think us NZders are bloody fool.
Anyway fellow NZders long live the idiots who are fooled into this scam and thank God we are so on to it.

2009-03-11 19:54:53 -
i feel so sori for the people that had died in thie fatal accident a couple years ago.....

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