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Discussion : Russia: Department K against Udmurt hackers

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2006-05-14 00:16:36 -
Please note that Irina Danilova is a scammer.....

2006-03-22 06:59:43 -
I am searching for IRINA DANILOVA normally living in Moscow..

2006-02-17 05:02:03 -
Hi! I have reseved calls from a number :+1 600 222 0000. What is this for number? How have they get my number?

2006-02-16 21:19:22 -
I was just looking on this website and I saw all the postings regarding "Irina Danilova." This concerned me because I was contacted just today through a Russian Bride website by someone claiming to be Irina Danilova. In her letter, she said for me to communicate with her in the future using the email address She has a picture posted on the site, and I would like to know if I may be dealing with a scammer or not. Can anyone fill me in?

2006-02-10 01:44:48 -
Scammer email
628031 Russia Cheboksary Konakova 75-28 for Burkova Natalya.
Called me the other day then requested money to mny husband

2006-02-02 08:09:10 -
I have information about Scammer-Irina Danilova. In this information to contain some letters, the location of these Scamers. I can describe to you as work Scamers, to tell the reasons on which you come across on their dodges. I can tell to you how to not come across on Scamers, I know all their secrets and dodges which I can tell to you.
ALL THIS full information costs{stands} money.
This small price in comparison with that money which you have lost and will lose having sent them Scamers.
YOU ask why I help you?? I want to revenge them.
I shall tell as this system (Scamers) as in it{her} work, a role of people in it{her} who how many money receives and for what is arranged.
If my offer of you has interested - mine E-MAEI:

Yours faithfully, AntiScams

2006-01-02 19:47:19 -
Anyone that has sent money via western union,or money gram to russian girls,Save your mtcn number and receipt!
The FBI here in the great USA,Won't do anything but eat
donuts and look for poor Americans that are easy to locate!The FBI simply suggests to not write to Russians!
But what they don't understand is that men new to the dating sites are not aware of the deciet that lays waiting on them!It will be necessary to try and prosecute through Russian government!The USA don't care about us!!!
So maybe we can get Russia to listen!!!For a change!

2006-01-02 02:33:27 -
By the way if any of you were called via phone from 602-222-0000,Jeerys italian wifi connection,it is because their real phone number was published and they are trying to hide!But if you want to check the voice,
I have a recording they sent me,and it is the same girl,There are 2 different voices,but they call me from
Mari-El Russia,because they know,I know who they are already!But if you want to hear their voice write me and I will send you a copy!!!

2006-01-02 02:20:28 -
I am sorry to hear about Michael,I bet if he opens his
letters to open header,he was scammed by xmailer,The
Bat!v.,The same person that almost got me last
year early summer,They have several versions of the Bat!LOOK in x-mailer of open headers.If it says The Bat! any version,from v.1r to The Bat!
it!They are scammers,Also there is one that uses what
is called Denmailv.1 by ORC.Also look for i.p. and,they use this connection to write to me,Also i.p.s that begin with
Let us not forget the simple rule,If it seems to good
to be true,Don't do it!!!
Also single females and males from Russia CAN NOT leave
Russia on any tourist visa's simple!!!It will NOT happen!You must1.Go visit the girl in her country!2.
Then after you meet her and you want to marry,you must
file for k-1 visa,And it takes a LONG time,Almost a year.
Also as told to me by a Russian woman that lives here,Russian girls no longer want to come to us,Russia is not suffering as bad as they say financially!!!

2006-01-02 01:14:28 -
Irina Danilova,I never heard of this one,But I.P. 195.161.214x,She is just another creation from the scammers in Mari-El Russia!I have known them for a year already!Forget looking at I.P.s anymore,they already have changed them!To avoid being scammed look at the x-mailer
in the open header of your emails,If it says:The Bat!v.2
or v.1 or any version of the Bat!Forget it! They are scammers!Regular persons with good intentions do not use The Bat! to write from,It is for commercial purpose to handle extremely large volumes of emails,That is why
scammers use it!Also not,If someone tells you they write from the internet-of cafe,Well the internet of
cafes,DO NOT use the Bat!to write from!Also there is
one called Denmail,by orc,this is also similar to the
Good luck,

2006-01-01 15:44:51 -
Anyone cooresponding with Irina Danilova from Vologda contact me.

2005-12-20 19:49:06 -
Gene Schmidt and Dan Biddle contact me regarding a scammer called Irina Danilova

2005-12-20 17:47:45 -
Irina Danilova (from Vologda) name is being used by a scammer
Anyone hearing from it is a scammer with IP195.161.214.72

2005-12-15 22:37:07 -
Hi, Guys,

I just joined the club. I've been corresponding with someone purporting to be Irina Danilova for about 7 months, and, sadly, sent her money for the plane ticket. Lonely men do sad things. Is there any place where I can see pictures of this person, as 'she' sent me a lot of them, of her, her friends, and her son.

I was really looking forward to meeting her. Anyone wanting to can reply direct.


2005-12-10 15:29:58 -
Hi, I just put in the name of a Russian girl that has been asking me for money since Feb '05. into a search engine and got your site, the names Irina Danilova. Shes using the same e-mail address as listed here. I saw her photo on another scam site just a few minutes ago and its the same woman. If you need any letters, photos etc to help prosecute let me know as I just received another e-mail from her today.

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