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Discussion : Child pornography: an international perspective

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2005-06-13 14:51:06 -
Excellent article. Very helpful in my research for my Masters Degree on Internet Child Pornography.

2004-09-24 20:57:37 -
Although this article seems serious, and generally speaking well documented, I am surprised to see no mention of the 1999 Japanese "Law for Punishing Acts Related to Child Prostitution and Child Pornography, and for Protecting Children."
Am I missing something here?

2004-09-19 02:41:35 -
I am writing a book highlighting the harm that I suffered upon becoming a victim of child pornography because reports earlier this year by the children`s charities NSPCC and NCH both stated that very little is written about this subject. Too many people seem to think there is no harm in "just looking" at child pornography because it does not cause any actual physical harm - but I know that a child can suffer permanent shame and fear from knowing that their images could be circulating forever. I believe it is therefore very important to make people realise the great harm that children suffer from knowing that anybody anywhere at anytime could be looking at their images on the internet

I am horrified that child pornography is spiralling out of control in this computer/internet/mobile phone age and want to do something to help stop it. My story wil show much of the short-term, intermediate and long-term harm that is pointed out in the above reports as in need of research and will also show what sort of support is needed and provide some ideas as to what can be done to prevent children from becoming victim.

I have almost finished the book. As I anticipate difficulty in finding a publisher because of the subject matter could anybody offer any help or advice. Please email me if there is as I would very much appreciate your help.

Sylvia Macpherson

18 September 2004

2004-08-13 14:22:09 -
I am most concern of the effects of child pornography on our children. I am a teacher by profession and I am willing to make some effort to stop the proliferation of child pornography especially that our children are free to access to computers. How couldf I start?

2004-08-03 07:58:37 -
Thank you for your most interesting international analysis and research on this important subject.

Canadian Children's Rights Council

2004-08-02 12:04:00 -
Good article. Do you have any research relating to the effects of pornography on crimes such as rape?

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