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Discussion : Child pornography: an international perspective

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2006-10-05 16:06:23 -
Another year has passed and although i've gathered much more information which i've brought to the DA's office, the FBI and to the LAPD, nothing has been done. I've given names and vehicle license plate numbers of some of the crimals including one miss Alisha Klass aka Alicia Lynn Pieri who was a very popular pornstar from 1997-2001 and was the girlfriend of adult film producer Adam Glassier aka Seymore Butts. She currently lives with a wanted murderer by the name Lovekesh "Bobby" Kumar and they have a young girl with them, about 11 years old, who I believe was kidnapped at a much younger age. They did reside at 11101 Palms blvd. up until a few weeks ago but I've seen Alisha back there since then to appearantly visit the people in apt.#201 whos names I don't know but are very dangerous criminals who tend to fool police by there elder age. Lovekesh Kumar has been hiding ( I believe in an underground area beneath & behind 11101 Palms blvd at the corner of Sepulveda blvd. & Palms blvd. in West Los Angeles next to Trader Joes and the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Kumar is wanted in the city of Clovis but detectives are not investigating while I've showed his picture to employees at the Coffee Bean where eployees and the Manager have made a positive ID on him. The FBI know about that but are not moving on it. Other criminals include Patricia/Tricia Cerda of Remax realty along with Pat & Ron Murray of Remax.
I have much more to submit here when I return soon.
Thank you, Rob (323)384-3122

2006-02-01 09:24:11 -
This is a huge concern for many parents today with children. It would seem that many times you turn on the TV for news and you see another child missing. I do believe these lunatics are taking our children and exploiting them and discarding of them as just mere money-making garbage. It's infuriating. We do not need to waste time worrying about whose rights we are infriging on. WHAT ABOUT THE RIGHTS OF OUR CHILDREN??? Who gives a &(@@((#*! about the adult rights involved. I believe once you step over this corrupt line, then you should have to relinquish your rights as a human being. I know, in a fantasy world, this would be true. I believe the lawmakers just sit on their asses and twiddle their thumbs about this topic. It's amazing what they get done in the House and Senate when it means that somehow it will benefit the parties personally. I personally think it is much easier to draw up new laws and get them passed than we, as Americans, are lead to believe. They make it look like there is so much red tape involved. An adult does something crude to a child, report it, get his/her ass dragged in by the police and book him. None of this crap about first offenses or whether it follows the definition of this or that. We all know what is right and wrong as adults. We have been teaching our children in schools about safe touch and unsafe touch because of these sickening people and if our children know the difference then so do the adults. We need to DOOOOOOOOOO more about this and protecting these innocent little people. I feel that celebrities, such as Oprah, who use their shows can really make a huge difference. It is up to us, the little people, to really care and help them make that difference. Thank you!

2005-08-26 07:28:04 -
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