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State's attorney hires veteran investigator

Date: December 31, 2007

BRIDGEPORT — If Edward Zack, the newest inspector for the state's attorney, has a fault, it's that he always has to keep busy.

It was that personal drive that led him to join the Greenwich Police Department, where he served on the SWAT team, helped found the computer-crime and arson-investigation units, and became a certified polygraph expert.

But because of his need to keep busy, Zack decided not to follow in the footsteps of relatives who have been firefighters.

"I'm a very active person and I just couldn't see myself waiting around a firehouse for an alarm bell to ring," he said. "As a police officer, especially as a detective, there was always a case I could work on."

The 52-year-old recently retired from the Greenwich Police Department after 29 years to take on investigating and preparing major criminal cases for prosecution for the Fairfield Judicial District. He joins a staff of seven inspectors and 20 prosecutors.

"We are extremely pleased to have Mr. Zack join our staff. He is not only an experienced investigator on a general level but also brings to the office expertise in a number of areas such as arson and computer crime that have become increasingly problematic in recent years," said State's Attorney Jonathan Benedict.

Senior Inspector Frank Garr worked alongside Zack when they were both members of the Greenwich Police Department. "He's always been enthusiastic about his work and always done a great job, and we're happy to have him here," he said.
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