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Phishing and phishing and phishing

Date: October 31, 2006

Two Latvians were arrested last Friday by plain clothes officers from the Policia Judicial in Torrevieja on fraud charges.

They were accused of what has become known as “phishing” – sending e-mails, apparently from genuine banks, with a link to an authentic-looking web page, where the recipient is asked to confirm bank details and PIN numbers which had been lost due to computer malfunction. The e-mails are sent out indiscriminately in the hope that one or more of the unwary can be “phished” and his or her account emptied although as the scam becomes widespread, computer users are becoming more suspicious.

The two men, identified as NP and RK were detected on 18 October after 19,960 euros were transferred from a Latvian bank to a Torrevieja account which had been opened under a false name.
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