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Discussion : Online extortion: Internet crime on the rise

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2007-07-05 22:24:23 - CowboyNeal
Craigslist extortion: The Karamazov Group

2007-04-29 23:23:45 -
Hi ! i am a Lebumfacil too. I wanna say hi to Glenn Lebumfacil

2007-04-29 12:28:41 -
Extortion on Craigslist:

2007-04-29 12:27:52 -
Extortion on Craigslist:

2007-04-29 12:27:08 - Karamazov
Extortion on Craigslist:

2004-11-02 01:01:20 -
To the editor and others .
I think that Micky R should have told the poolice straigt away instead of just paying the people that were asking him for the money.I think that it was very stupid of him to do that.I am not saying that it is his own fault that he got into the whole thing , and I know that he was threatened . but I feel sorry for the guy

Total 6 comments
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