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US is the most prolific source of spam and viruses

Date: July 31, 2008

The US has continued its rule as the most prevalent source of spam and viruses, according to threat statistics analysed by managed security company, Network Box. The country has held this unwanted title throughout 2008 and, based on July’s figures, this trend looks set to continue.

This month, the US was responsible for one in four viruses (25.2 per cent), outstripping its nearest rival, Australia, by more than four to one (5.8 per cent). More than one-in-ten (11.6 per cent) spam emails emanated from the US, with Turkey trailing behind in second place (8.4 per cent).

In terms of the actual junk emails being sent, it appears that spammers are eschewing the more sophisticated techniques – image-based spam and file attachments – in favour of the traditional method of simply including a URL to their wares.
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