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Discussion : Kama Sutra virus

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2006-06-03 22:18:54 -
Well, counter acting this virus is so simple. Yo ujust have to recreate the virus and send it back to it, i got the virus and i programed a file to purge the virus each time it tried to destroy my files. And i also had a Kuma - Backup safe folder programed to be undectectable for the virus so all my info is safe. If you want the codes let me know its so simple if you know coding.

2006-02-03 16:36:23 - Norm
WOW!! The above comment is riddled with mistrust for any and everyone, isn't it? I guess the fact that this crapo-la virus is wiping out files is serious. Mind you, what Blake has to say about the way a person gets their computer infected is right. We receive them from what WE download and activate. 99% of us get our machines infected by not running scans on our materials, and we don't even know who or where this info comes from, unless we research it first.
So, research what yu need and don't take anything for granted.
PS use a good firewall and anti-virus updated software at all times. I have not been infected for over 3 years now because I update my PC-cillin every day, sometimes more. It's better than and cheaper than Norton by a long shot. Use a comparison search for computer protection. PC-cillin is about as good as you can get.

2006-02-03 09:04:01 -
Well its friday i looked up about the virus at they said its done nothing as expected and that the virus was extremly over rated...
after reading about the virus online and what it does
it would have done know good to have antivirus protection for the worm seeks out the words scan and virus ,so any anti virus found on the computer will be automaticaly the few cases where people had up dated and really good working virus scans i doubt they would have done much ive been to mcafees virus post page and its loaded with hundreds
of people who have the latest updated virus scan and the majority of these 300 or 400 people are asking for help remobing virsus that there scan has found and can not clean ,quaranten or world thank your stars that the kama sutra was nothing more than a small time joke...because all norton,trend micro or mcafee would have done was be uninstalled and deleted or found the virus and could not do anything with it the way everyone of these news pages keeps saying have a good fire wall too protect againts the kama sutra which is the most stupied thing ive ever heard....a firewall is not gonna block a worm u opened up in your fact a firewall has nothing too do with virsus or worms at all...all a firewall is is too block whats called a port scan atack..a port scan atack is where a hacker trys too get in one of the many ports of your computers..but come on world its not like we dont know that the many virus scan companys are the ones makeing the majority of viruses of course they are think of all the money mr gates is makeing off of vires scans and all the companys ..its just a set up by the man and computer companys and u know its all true !!!!!!!!!!

Total 3 comments
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