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Attorney General lands 10-year sentence against child predator

Date: October 30, 2004
Source: North Texas e-News

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott this week obtained a maximum10-year sentence following a guilty plea entered by child predator Nicholas Andrew Fallat, 33, of Irving. The Attorney General prosecuted the case through the office of Hays County District Attorney Mike Wenk.

"The length of this prison sentence reveals the severity of this crime, and this defendant chose to plead guilty rather than face his peers on a jury," said Attorney General Abbott. "This is one more predator off the streets and behind bars where he belongs, making Texas safer."

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Fallat pleaded guilty to criminal solicitation of a minor, a third-degree felony, following his June 26 arrest by the Attorney General's Cyber Crimes Unit in San Marcos. Fallat traveled from his home to the San Marcos area, believing he would meet a 13-year-old girl for sex. The girl, whom he approached in an Internet chat room and chatted with for several weeks, was in reality a Cyber Crimes investigator posing as a young girl.

When Fallat arrived at the destination arranged by him in advance, he was arrested by Cyber Crimes Unit investigators and Hays County Sheriff's officers. A detailed forensics analysis of his computer yielded evidence linking Fallat to this offense, as well as depictions of child pornography.

District Judge Jack Robison handed down today's sentence. Fallat, who must also register as a sex offender, has a prior criminal history involving felony assault of a woman in North Carolina.

Assistant Attorney General Angela Goodwin prosecuted the case.

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