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New information technology team in Israel

Date: September 30, 2005
By: Noam Sharvit

Ministry of Justice director-general Dr. Aaron Abramovich has appointed a team to set up a legal authority for information technology. The team includes two specialists on computer and information law: Dr. Nimrod Kozlovsky and Adv. Shlomit Wagman.

The authority, which will begin operating in 2006, will be a separate unit in the Ministry of Justice. Its founding will be part of a restructuring of the ministry. Among other things, it will help provide a solution to new risks posed by computer crime to users of information technology.

The Ministry of Justice decided that consolidating various entities the registrar of databases, the registrar of licensing agencies, and registrars of credit data services and business information services in one professional authority headed by an appointed professional would make it possible to operate them efficiently and systematically.

The authority will enforce laws, coordinate legal advice for government ministries on legal issues involving technology, and promote legislation on information and computers.

The Ministry of Justice says that the authority is essential for promoting technological progress in Israel, encouraging use of computer infrastructure, countering the spread of computer and information crime, strengthening protection of privacy, streamlining supervision and enforcement processes, and reinforcing the public’s confidence in e-commerce.
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