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Discussion : CIA playingly hacks websites

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2006-02-21 01:13:24 -
Your site is realy very interesting.

2005-08-04 15:57:03 -

2005-05-31 07:49:28 -
Cheeze Louise! US cyber gurus have been around for years. I heard of it in '96 from a guy whose relative worked in a top secret site dedicated to this kind of stuff. The guy provided enough vague details that I could figure the mission of his relative's assignment, since I was a sysadmin, read alot, and had former government experience not related to US cyber gurus.

I have to assume that "our" CIA guys and gals were messing around only on closed networks. But, it doesn't bother me much if they might stray over to observing what North Korea (et al) is doing on US networks. Heck, the NK elite have little else to do besides screwing around with hitech. They don't even make an exportable automobile anybody will use, and can't make enough food for their citizens.

Hey, I'm the first commenter on CIA Playingly Hacks Websites :) And, the original article sucks.

Total 3 comments
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