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FBI-trained law enforcement veteran in computer crime nvestigation field speaks at CSSA Annual Conference 2008

Date: April 30, 2008

Veteran law enforcement cyber-forensics investigator Jason Jordaan will be a speaker at the CSSA Annual Conference 2008 to be held in May in association with Computer Faire, which is celebrating its 30th birthday.

Jordaan has extensive experience in the investigation of commercial crime, fraud and corruption, with a particular emphasis on investigations involving digital evidence and applying digital forensic science in those cases. He is currently Head of Cyber-forensics for the Special Investigating Unit.

Jordaan will be presenting a talk on "The Dangers of Performing In-House Computer Forensic Examinations".

The business environment has become increasingly digital resulting in traditional business risk factors such as crimes against businesses, internal disciplinary issues and civil litigation being moved into the digital domain. Digital evidence is becoming increasingly important in resolving these issues in a judicial or quasi-judicial environment.

Many businesses are attempting or may be considering conducting their own computer forensic examinations to save money or retain control of the process. However, there are a number of inherent dangers associated with this.

Jason explores these dangers, which could lead to the business not being able to resolve the issues in question through legal processes and expose the business to civil claims or even criminal prosecution.

To avoid this, businesses need to develop an adequately trained and resourced computer forensics capacity in-house or to be able to outsource the process to an appropriate external service provider.

The CSSA Conference 2008 has as its theme the broad subject of "Innovation in Information and Communications Technology". Numerous speakers have responded to the call, creatively addressing the theme and utilising their expert knowledge to come up with a variety of interesting and informative topics.

Two definite streams have materialised under the umbrella of "Innovation in Information and Communications Technology". They are: the social aspects of ICT (which covers people in ICT and related issues such as education, recruitment and retention), and the business impact of ICT, which focuses more on business excellence, governance and business performance.

In addition, the conference affords delegates the opportunity to network and discuss issues of common interest. The chosen theme ensures a fairly broad conference audience is targeted.

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