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Date: April 30, 2006

Renee Boland remembers visiting the profiles of her daughter’s friends and discovering questionable photographs.

“I was shocked when I saw the pictures of these girls,” she said. “It puts you in a strange moral dilemma. How do you approach a parent and tell them you saw pictures of their daughter scantily in suggestive poses?”

Boland was one of about 25 parents and teachers who attended a presentation on Internet safety Wednesday at Gate of Heaven School conducted by Charles Balogh, crime prevention and crime watch specialist from the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office.

In his seminar Balogh showed pictures he uncovered through research of an underage Wilkes University student doing keg-stands at a party, photos of a female Bishop Hafey student doing a beer bong and pictures of scantily clad girls giving their full names, addresses, cell phone numbers and other information available for public inspection through

“I guarantee parents are clueless about this stuff,” Balogh told the parents. “If you don’t realize there’s something wrong with this (MySpace) then there’s something wrong with you.”
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