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Date: April 30, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Vladimir Golubev

New opportunities of the Internet transformed many legal forms of activity, having cut down terms, simplified procedures of arranging deals and reduced distance between contracting parties along with increasing attendant costs. Almost no one controls modern computer networks. At the beginning, almost no one could foresee possibility to attack, to steal data or money through the Internet. Information security became one of the most crucial social tasks. Officers of law enforcement reveal thousands of attempts to illegally interfere with bank, military and corporative networks annually. According to most experts, today this phenomenon poses greater cyber security threat than 5 years ago.

In spite of law enforcement and special services efforts directed to fight computer crimes and cyber terrorism, computer crime trends, unfortunately, are not reducing, and vice versa their social danger is constantly growing. Under present day conditions, a face of terrorism is changing, appearance of so-called cyber terrorism illustrates this trend. Actuality of issues, observed in this article, is that law enforcement are to maintain scientifically based recommendations on computer crimes and cyber terrorism counteraction in view of a newly passed Concept of National Security of Ukraine.

Nowadays cyber terrorism poses a peculiar social national and international danger. In this relation, it is a particular measure of terrorism activity with specific causal background and particular actions are needed in order to control and fight against it.

Similar terrorism activity, as well as any other, can be carried out by lonely or groups of persons, but still the important subjects of cyber terrorism are the organized criminal groups, criminal communities and criminal organizations of national and transnational character.

Preventive measures and control of cyber criminality in Ukraine is a complex problem. Today laws should meet requirements made by modern technologies development. Law enforcement, special services and judicial system cooperation, their efforts coordination and their material security are the priority directions. None of the countries is able to prevent cyber crime independently and the international cooperation in this field is vital.
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