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Cyber Crime Conference Thwarts Cyber Threats

Date: December 29, 2007
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

Law enforcement, counterintelligence, and information assurance specialists globally will come together for training and discussion at the 7th Annual Department of Defense Cyber Crime Conference, to take place January 11-18, 2008 in St. Louis, Missouri. The conference will tackle growing threats in cyberspace.


- DoD Personnel
- DoD-Sponsored Contractors
- Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Partners (CPAC)
- Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement

- U.S. Citizens or the below U.S. sponsored Government Representitives Working in the Following Fields:
- Counterintelligence Special Agents
- Criminal Investigators
- Computer Forensics Examiners
- Prosecutors
- DoD Information Assurance/Systems Administrators
- Computer Forensics Research and Development Personnel
- Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement
- Educators in the Above Fields


- Intrusion Investigations
- Cyber Crime Law
- Digital Forensics
- Information Assurance
- Research &Development
- Training

Eighth Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Robert J. “Bob” Elder, Jr., will deliver the keynote address, discussing the establishment of the Air Force's new Cyber Command. The conference will also feature presentations by leaders in cyber crime prevention and prosecution, while the exposition will showcase related agencies and companies.
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