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Cyber cafes open up to curb porn

Date: December 29, 2004
Source: Cities.ExpressIndia.Com

Cyber cafe owners across the city are getting wiser to customers accessing pornographic sites and even at the cost of privacy, several of the cafes are taking steps to curb such activity. However, the absence of a proper monitoring system still means the Net is used for accessing porn.

At Munirka Market, the hub of student customers from nearby schools, JNU and IIT, some net cafes are removing their cubicles. ‘‘We do not allow anyone to access porn sites,’’ asserts Prem Shankar Jha, of Super Cyber Cafe in Munirka, a hub of students from nearby schools JNU and IIT. His cafe, he says, used to have private cubicles, but youngsters began misusing them. ‘‘So now I have dismantled the cubicles,’’ Jha added.

A few other cyber cafes in the area and around the city, especially those catering to a large student population, have followed suit. But in those hubs which have private seating arrangements, there is no way of ensuring that a user does not access such sites, specially in 24-hour cafes.

Some are using the help of technology to curb porn surfing. The manager of the Malviya Nagar Market Sify I-Way, Satinder, said Sify has its own technology to prevent porn access. ‘‘So it is not an issue with us,’’he said. However, independent cafe owners elsewhere admitted that they did not have blocking systems.

At cyber cafes across Daryaganj, owners have now put up warning signs urging customers not to access porn sites, failing which they will be evicted. Rajesh Dayal of Zip Internet Systems said with reports of police raiding cafes in neighbouring states, cafes here were also getting wary of negative publicity.

Officials in the Cyber Crime section of the Crime Branch said general instructions continued to be issued to cafe owners not to allow access to porn sites. But, they said, enforcement in each cafe depended on the owner, as well as checking whether private seating arrangements were being misused.

Incidentally, none of these market centres have net cafe owners’ associations, which could have helped out on the issue.
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