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How the Internet plays a role in the scam

Date: November 29, 2007

The newest scam may have you thinking twice about whether you can trust your caller ID.

It's called telespoofing and it lets con artists appear as trusted names on your caller ID. So, when it says Wells Fargo, it may not actually be the bank. You may be surprised at how the Internet plays a role in the scam.

Eyewitness News uncovered how valley residents are falling victim to this clever new crime.

With as little as $10, criminals can use web sites to call your home pretending to be the police, your bank, or even a family member. Some Las Vegas residents and even Metro police have been tele-fooled.

When the telephone rings, the first thing most people do is, "Look at the caller ID," said Ebony Sutton, a victim of telespoofing victim.

Eyewitness News Reporter: "Why?"

Ebony Sutton: "So I know who is calling."
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