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Nigerian scam still

Date: November 29, 2006

The subject line reads “Urgent Business Request,” and in the body of the message a seemingly desperate person asks the recipient to help transfer money out of Nigeria and into the U.S. The message, in broken English, is sprinkled with words like “top secret,” “trapped funds,” “utterly confidential,” and promises a cut of the funds in return

Most people who get these messages know it’s a common scam referred to as the “Nigerian e-mail scam” — officially called the “419 scam” and also called the Advance Fee Fraud — and they delete them.

But others are falling for the 90-year-old trick, and it's costing them hundreds — even thousands — of dollars.
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2006-12-02 15:53:15 - People still fall victim to these scams... Coenraad de Beer
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