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Ukraine: Cyber policemen receive government awards

Date: October 29, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

Recently, Minister of the Interior Nikolay Bilokon rewarded cadets of High Schools at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There were three cadets of Donetsk Law Institute among of the rewarded cadets.

Nadezhda Khlystova – cadet at the faculty of public order – rewarded with gratuity of the third extent. Oksana Toroschina – cadet at the faculty of traffic police – rewarded with gratuity of the second extent.

The main first gratuity was conferred to 19 years old Anton Gorbachev – a cadet at the faculty of criminal police and volunteer researcher of the Computer Crime Research Center. In spite of young years, future operating officer participated in scientific conferences on Criminalistic and Application of the Information Technologies in Police Activity.

“Nowadays, law enforcements of different countries face with crimes related to the most developed technologies. Credit cards, mobile communication, computer systems are constantly under the aim of hi-tech criminals.
The successful cyber crime investigation requires not only specific tactic and actions, but the special knowledge in computers and software. That’s why it is not enough to be expert in criminal legislation, criminal procedure and to know general tactic of evidence collection.
One of the key conditions in successful investigating cyber crime is the efficiency of conducting urgent investigative actions. In this connection it is important to make future investigators experienced in computer technologies. And the absence of such knowledge can result to delay in evidence collection and cause failure of criminal prosecution,” – Anton Gorbachev writes in the own article “Specifics of revealing evidential information in cyber crime investigation», published on
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