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Govt must take steps to tackle cyber terrorism

Date: September 29, 2008

Senior BJP Leader and Punjab State Investor Cell Chief Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal has termed the UPA Government 'ignorant' about the misuse of Information Technology by the terrorists.

In a statement issued today, Grewal rued that terrorists were openly using websites to propagate hatred through inflammatory articles, pictures and videos amongst various communities, motivating them to raise funds, organise advocacy and volunteer to perform Terror activities for these outfits. He said that various social networking sites were helping these perpetrators to communicate, collaborate and network with the like-minded.

Grewal further stated that terrorists can now plan and execute terror activities without apprehending arrest as emerging technologies provide substantial information about vital demographic know-how and even real-time GPS tracking.

The BJP leader said that recent blasts in Ahmedabad and Delhi had shown that terrorists were equipped with sophisticated software to scan unsecured Wi-Fi networks of ignorant internet users and hack them to route internet calls to detonate bombs and send terror e-mails to claim responsibility of these terrorist attacks.
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