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Discussion : How to combat spyware

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2005-08-25 19:40:25 -
Your blog is realy very interesting.

2005-01-31 08:06:54 -
I think you are right. One neat thing, I\'d have never predicted with the internet, is that the sites are staying around, so that people can find them, read them and learn from them. The worst thing about the .edu internet was data rot (a form of link rot) where resources and knowledge went into the vapor every semester.

2005-01-12 00:50:19 -
Great Site - really useful information!

2005-01-06 21:17:05 -
Thank you for this excellent interview. Achewood is my favorite! :)))

2004-12-21 21:32:52 -
Thanks for helpful information!

2004-10-02 22:12:32 -

2004-09-30 13:17:24 -
Everybody speaks about spyware as a huge thread. Thats not always true. Let's distinguish a difference among spyware, adware, keyloggers, trojans and viruses. The biggest thread is from viruses who can destroy the data in ones computer; trojans can show the intruder the data on ones computer; keyloggers spies on keystrokes PC user makes and can get passwords. Awdare just shows unwanted pop-up ads and slows down the computer.

Here you can find complete classification of malware:

So the main thread comes not from here.

Total 7 comments
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