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In 3 years, India experienced a 350% trudge in cyber crime

Date: August 29, 2016

While the number of interment users in India is mounting with a notable pace, the rate of cyber crime also lags no behind. According to a recent study, the rate of cyber crime is boosting in India and last three years, India has witnessed 350% hike in cyber crime.

A joint study held by Assocham and PwC on Cybercrime in India found the number of Cyber-crime amplified by a high rate of 350% in India during the period 2011 to 2014. On Thursday, this shocking data revealed by Assocham-PwC jointly according to which the weak security protocols have made the cyber crimes and threats more vulnerable. The study project is named as ‘‘Protecting interconnected systems in the cyber era’ which involved top leading countries and their cyber frequencies to its research edge for study.

In this research, all most every leading country including the US, China, Brazil, Europe, Algeria, Pakistan, Turkey, India, and the Arab and all most each of them is found to be highly crushed by the cyber attacks in past years. This study additionally characterizes that, the development of the web, digitalization, and Smartphone usage in Indian is entirely high which is impacting the digital hoodlums to center in it progressively that different countries.

The report furthermore said that “Digital assaults the world over are happening at a more noteworthy recurrence and force. Individuals, as well as organizations and governments, are being focused on. The profile and inspiration of digital assailants are quick evolving.”
The growing usage of Operational Technology (OT) and Consumer Technology (CT) are the central sections that targeted by the cyber assaults. As these systems are highly focused by the cyber scandalous, its impact of disorderly is found in the custom way of life.

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